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Caring for you, as we would our own families is a Medical Consultation and Second Opinion leader providing second opinion consultation service in all areas of Health Sector. Utilizing the facility of the web , we are connecting patients round the globe with a number of the world's best doctors.


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Get Second Opinion Expert offers exclusive, one-on-one, online, professional diagnostic evaluations to patients across the us . Get Second Opinion Expert’s skilled panel is comprised of hundreds of Physician Specialists with exemplary academic credentials as well as significant patient care experience in all major diagnostic specialties and sub-specialties.

If you or your beloved has been diagnosed with a significant disease and provided various preoperative and postoperative treatment options, Second Opinion Expert can assist you in navigating through the confusing and expensive medical treatment process.

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When you have gathered the knowledge you would like , re-evaluate it together with your medical care doctor or the specialist of your choice. mention how treatment choices might change your lifestyle , now and within the future. For testing choices, mention how the results would be useful to you.

If your doctors agree, your decision should be clearer. But sometimes doctors disagree. Even when doctors follow an equivalent guidelines, there could also be quite one treatment choice. Two doctors may have good, yet different, opinions about the way to treat you.

If the doctors don’t agree, ask your medical care doctor again. Can he or she assist you together with your decision? If not, and if you continue to wonder about other options, ask a special quite provider. for instance , if you’re brooding about back surgery, meet with two surgeons and ask a physiotherapist , a physiatrist (a doctor trained to assist with recovery from surgery, injury, or stroke), or a doctor with experience in nonsurgical back care. you would possibly study some nonsurgical, lower-risk choices you’ll try.

Remember, the ultimate choice is yours

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To answer the large questions, it is a good idea to speak to quite one doctor. this is often called getting a second opinion.

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Lex Johnson

After 4 years of complaints, Get Second Opinions judged my imagery and guided me towards the road to recovery right away. No doubt they have saved my life. Thank you!

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Sonya Lawrence

I found this service after visiting the emergency room and getting a curt, vague explanation from the attending doctor. Upon looking at the x-ray results disk, there were additional questions that I had about my radiology findings. took my concerns seriously and addressed every one of my questions in the report that was sent to me WITHIN HOURS OF UPLOADING. A well worth service.

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Felix Hopkins

Dear, I cannot thank-you and your staff enough for the services you have provided to me in my time of need. I was very seriously injured November 2018 and life has dealt me a horrific blow.Not only have I lost my ability to work and provide for my family, but the constant unrelenting pain which large doses of narcotics offer very limited relief has taken a huge toll on my health. Throughout this whole horrible nightmare, that I have endured for the last 9 years, the only bright spot has been my good fortune to find your company and receive your technical help sending my MRI scans for 2nd opinion. ...

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Alicia Halisa is amazing. I've used them on three different occasions and they've thoroughly impressed me every time. I work full-time and enjoy it but life dealt a couple of knocks along the way that resulted in a dozen surgeries. As part of those adventures I've had three dozen MRIs, CT scans, and X-rays. Unfortunately, half the time I've been disappointed by initial radiologist’s reports that lack detail or have missed important information later spotted by neurosurgeons or orthopedic surgeons. Imaging is an expensive procedure and the interpretation of those images significantly affects ...


When may be a second opinion helpful?

For everyday health care, you almost certainly don't need a second opinion. But a second opinion could also be an honest idea if:
•You are deciding a few costly or risky test or treatment, sort of a surgery.
•You are not clear about how well a test or treatment may go.
•You need more information about your options.
•You are unsure a few diagnosis.